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Fluidmaster 400 инструкция

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The shank washer and cone washer are molded together as one piece. Carefully remove the cone washer from the center of the shank washer.

Place the shank washer on the threaded shank of the new valve with the flat surface against the valve. The cone washer can be used with the coupling nut on the water supply line to be attached to the threaded shank as shown in step 8.

When installed, the «critical level» mark on the fill valve should be at least 1 inch above the top of the overflow pipe. This is a plumbing code in many areas. The critical level is identified by a «CL» mark on the Fluidmaster a Fill valve.

To adjust the height of the fill valve, twist the threaded shank in or out of the valve body. The height of the Fluidmaster a valve adjusts from 9 to 14 inches. On some models a clicking noise will be heard when adjusting the height, this is normal. Position the valve inside the tank. Push down on the valve shank not on the top while tightening the lock nut. Make sure the float cup does not touch the tank walls, trip mechanism, or flush valve.

Before continuing, determine the type of water supply connection you have from the chart and use the appropriate assembly parts required to properly reconnect the water supply. Do not use plumbers putty to seal these fittings.

With the correct washers in place, tighten the coupling nut.